This service provides access to select GSK applications. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

If you are an authorized user, click the button beside the text that best identifies your computer. Choose US if you are in the United States, or UK if you are in United Kingdom or elsewhere. If the preferred location is unavailable, choose the other.

Security controls will be downloaded based on your selection. You must install and run them in order to access the service.

Service Alerts:

(1) Please be aware that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is not currently compatible with the SSLVPN service, we are taking steps to upgrade our environment to allow this capability. An announcement will be made when the upgrade is complete. Any customers using IE10 will not pass the host checker and access to the SSLVPN service will be denied.

(2) Courion has been replaced by a new solution. Please use the GSK Password Portal to maintain your credentials. Please use the following link =>

    GSK Computer
    non-GSK Windows Computer
    non-GSK Windows Computer & application requires Secure Virtual Workspace
    non-Windows Computer

(A/P = Asia Pacific)